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week of September 16, 2019

Character Trait of the Month:  Responsibility

Do what you are supposed to do · Plan ahead · Think before you act · Be accountable for your words, actions and attitudes

Happy Birthday!

09/15  Caryn Day

Monday Morning Assembly

Monday Morning Assembly Flag Salute-Ms. Mendoza

Next Week’s Monday Morning Assembly Flag Salute-Mrs. Winchester

This Week

Monday, September 16

On Campus: Luquin, Bautista, Broome, Gabrielsen

7:55                Morning Assembly

8:15                Parent Workshop:  Healthy Habits for Families


Tuesday, September 17

On Campus: Luquin, Broome, Gabrielsen

All Day           Martin to Meeting

2:40                Voluntary Heggerty Training for ETK-2 in Auditorium

2:40                Meeting for SAS Teachers in Room 19


Wednesday, September 18

On Campus:  Bokesnbaum, Gabrieleson

8:15                Parent Workshop:  Asthma Management Part 1 of 2

2:40                Instructional Leadership Team Meeting in Room 4B


Thursday, September 19

On Campus:  Bautista, Broome, De Falco, Gonzalez

AM                 Martin to Meeting

AM                 Half Day Grade Level Meeting:  Grade 4

PM                  Half Day Grade Level Meeting:  Grade 5

8:15                Parent Workshop:  Latino Literacy Series

2:40                SSC Meeting


Friday, September 20

On Campus:  Luquin, Gabrielsen

8:20                Practice of Emergency Drills


Saturday, September 21

8:00-12:00    Voluntary Set Up of Innovative Design Lab



Farewell!  Best wishes and good health in your future endeavors!  You will always be part of the Noble family!

  • Rosa Ureña, Teacher



Attendance must be submitted by 8:30 a.m.  I have tasked Wynter to check at 8:30 a.m. for teacher submittal.  If you have any issues, please call the office before 8:30 a.m. so we can assist. When you have not submitted attendance, MiSiS generates a memo which we are now placing in your box as a reminder to submit attendance for that day. 


Ink for Printers

Every teacher will be provided one ink cartridge a school year.  If you need an ink cartridge, see Mr. Valdez.  As a reminder, the copiers not the printers should not be used to for class sets. 


Innovative Design Lab

On Saturday, all staff are invited to help get our lab ready.  Drop in any time from 8:00-12:00.


Scholastic Order

The Scholastic Magazine order will be placed this week. 



Click here for Tuesday’s Banked Tuesday and Faculty Agenda.




SSPT's need to be submitted through MiSiS. Teachers need to fill out two electronic forms. Fill out the SSPT Request and the Referral Data forms that are found under the "Support" tab and the "SSPT Referral" link on the drop-down menu. These forms need to be printed out and submitted in my box. If the forms are not printed and submitted, I will not know that a request was made. 



Please continue to administer the BOY DIBELS assessment. Technology is being distributed to facilitate the administration of this assessment. If you need a device or need assistance, please see me.


Amplify Reading

To have students log in to Amplify Reading go to the following website:  A student link has been added to the Noble website.  


Chocolate Sale Fundraiser

Our World’s Finest Chocolate Fundraiser begqn on Monday, September 9, 2019 and will end on Friday, September 20th.  Some orders are pending because we are waiting on a delivery of chocolates.  Please remind students that in order to sell chocolate bars, students need to return the permission slip. The goal is for every student to sell $20 worth of chocolate bars, which will give us a profit of $9,000.00. With the funds raised, we increase our student body funds which we utilize to help pay for our fieldtrip buses.

If students sell a minimum of $30 in chocolate, they will be invited to attend the LIVE Magic Show at school!


Watermelon Party

The watermelon is scheduled for Friday, September 27th.  If your classroom turned in all documents, then you will receive an invitation to the Watermelon Party. Times will be provided on the invitation.


Everybody Reads

At our lastEverybody Reads we had over 70students attend, our highest attendance so far compared to last year. Thanks for encouraging students to attend. The next Everybody Reads will be on October 12th.  



On Thursday, September 19thwe will have an SSC meeting in the parent center 2:40 pm. The topics will be Revisiting the Election of Officers, revisit dates for future meetings, revisit forms of notification for meetings, and revisit requirements and By Laws.  Everyone is welcome to attend.



Just a reminder of the NEW reclassification information I noted on the Monitoring Rosters memo on August 29th.


Students can now reclassify with DIBELS BOY . When looking at your highlighted EL Monitoring Rosters, please keep in mind the following:

Profile C students (orange) can reclassify if they pass BOY.

Profile D students (pink) can also reclassify if they pass BOY, but this group will need work samples as proof of meeting grade level. I will work on SSPTs for Profile D students who pass BOY. 

I suggested you wait to administer BOY to profile C & D students last and I appreciate you holding off on that and providing any needed support for your students' success.


There have been a lot of changes regarding DIBELS and reclassification and we will get through this learning curve together! 


If I can support you in any way, please don't hesitate to ask.